The Division of Gynaecology is a competence center for women with diseases of the genital tract and the breast. Our division offers the entire spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic options in the area of gynecology. 

Our team is dedicated to holistic patient care with professional competence, empathy and commitment. We work hard to provide a comprehensive evaluation and information and interdisciplinary therapies that are in line with international standards. All cases of patients with cancer are reviewed by the appropriate interdisciplinary tumor board. By participating in clinical trials, patients have access to the latest therapeutic approaches. Regarding surgeries, we are a patient-oriented organization with minimally invasive procedures and rapid postoperative recovery. After operations, supervised aftercare is important, often in cooperation with physicians with private practices and other divisions.

Karl Tamussino

"We are dedicated to providing holistic care for women with diseases of the genital tract and the breast and approach our patients with professional competence, team spirit, empathy and commitment."

Karl Tamussino, Head of Division


Auenbruggerplatz 14, 8036 Graz 
F: +43 316 385 13061